Natural Sweeteners market to set the cash registers running in the years to come


Choosing a healthy sweetener has become challenging of late. The market is being driven by growing demand for low-calorie foods; in urban areas in particular. Rising prices of sugar are the other driving factors. The term “natural sweeteners” refers to sugar sources analogous to the pure state. They do contain minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins; but should be still preferred in moderation; as we can’t deny that they are still sugar. North America leads the natural sweeteners market; thanks to the sizable diabetic population.

There are six basic natural sweeteners available as of now. They are stevia, raw local honey, blackstrap molasses, real maple syrup, coconut sugar, and whole pitted dates. The APAC is abreast with natural sweeteners; but due to insolence on the part of people; the market was receding. However, the same APAC market has a reason to smile now. Indian scientists have come up with “Monk Fruit” (originally from China) in Himachal Pradesh. It is proven to be high in nutrition, low in calories, and sweetness that causes no harm to diabetic patients. As such, the APAC is expected to be the largest exporter of natural sweeteners (in the form of monk fruit) in the years to come.

The APAC will also emerge as the second largest market for natural sweeteners in the upcoming period. This growth could be attributed to sedentary lifestyle of Indians; thereby causing diabetes Type 2. India houses around 62.4 million diabetic population at present. Sweeteners made from monk fruit will certainly revolutionize the natural sweeteners market.

As far as Europe is concerned; the ever increasing number of obese people has led to drop in usage of soft drinks. The demand for high intensity natural sweeteners will drive the natural sweeteners market in Europe in the near future. As such, we could foresee the natural sweeteners market as being carried forward by North America, APAC, and Europe in the subsequent five-six years.


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