GMO Testing Market gaining traction in EU.

GMO Testing Market

Genetically modified soybeans are approved in EU regions for commercial sale. There are tests and strategies to analyze the soy containing products. The GMO testing market in EU is highly driven by farming techniques and access to modified food production.

The GMO testing market in Europe is now undergoing the development phase. The primary GM crops constitute as cotton, corn, soy and canola. However, the GM soy in USA accounted for a greater market share in 2017 while European regions produced small amounts of soybean for imports.

Production of Eurofins in the soy producing countries is rising and the traces of GMO found all over in food and animal feed. Quantitative methods determine the possible labelling parameters are made in the initial step of GMO analysis that increasingly replaces the qualitative screening techniques. Eurofins GM soy assay packages are constantly revised to encompass the approved GM soybean events, which ensures the reliability of screening factors.

Eurofins offers an all inclusive analysis ranging from qualitative to quantitative determination of soy. It tells that the more the complex sample is, customised analysis and strategies can also be set up considering the special requirements and parameters.

Apart, there are several products using genetic engineering techniques and technologies now setting up that resolve complex challenges comprising human health and negative impacts on farming. Genetic engineering techniques such as gene editing and synthetic biology now seem to enjoy in the food production, fuels, textiles and medicine sector.

Synthetic biology is an extreme example of genetic engineering and Genetic engineering has now shifted from first gen GMO crops shares Jim Thomas, program director at ETC Group. Synthetic biology process comprises a broad range of food compounds, fuel, industrial valve and pharmaceutical. For instance, Perfect Day engineers yeast cells to protein production identical to cow’s milk. In short, the benefits gained by using synthetic biology enables greater consistency for synthesis.


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