Neurology Devices Market to witness an upward swing in the years to come


Neurology devices are the talk of the market for medical science. The biggest ailment gripping the world is “stress”. This stress exerts an extraordinary pressure on the neurons; thereby resulting in neurological disorders. Neurology devices come into picture over here. The current scenario is such that medical devices need to be in place much more than the foodstuff consumed by humankind.

Microcatheters are one such kind of neurology devices. They cater to a plethora of interventional procedures with respect to brain’s tortuous vasculature inclusive of coils, stents, and flow diverters that treat intracranial aneursyms. The other type include mechanical thrombectomy catheters that treat acute ischemic stroke. Cerebrospinal fluid shunts and balloon catheters also help in restoring the nerves of the brain.

North America leads the neurology devices market at present; thanks to the sedentary and extra-stressful life led by the Americans/migrants. Harland Medical Systems’ catheters have been serving the people in North America as well as outside. MEA follows suit. Neurology devices companies like Mindra Medical International Limited are constantly engaging in mergers and acquisitions to carve a niche for themselves in the neurology devices market.

Mayo clinic and Baxter International, Inc., in May 2017, did announce a five-year collaboration to for advanced care across diverse therapeutic areas in the U.S. Harland Medical Systems do excel with regards to hydrophilic coatings (Lubricent) and antimicrobial coatings (Bacticent). The former reduces device surface friction with the vascular tissue; whereas the later renders extended release of various drugs that fight infection. Moreover, the company has come up with automated coaters’ six families; which could be useful in nearly each coating technology that is in commercial usage.

Nevertheless, Harland does encourage active customer participation as far as meeting coating objectives is concerned. The company’s manufacturing services in this regard include friction testing, cleaning, plasma treating, and sterilization.


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