Interesting facts about Corn Gluten Feed.


The global gluten feed market is subject to witness a higher demand for animal feed. Apart, the market is also observing change in lifestyle of people, urbanization and rise in population.

Gluten feed market is experiencing lateral trends since the market demand for commercial feed is constantly increasing and boosting the market for gluten feeds. For instance, corn gluten feed is a protein rich fiber ingredient that comprises a better amount of nutrients as compared to soybean.

Wet milling process derives corn gluten feed as a by-product. Dry or wet corn gluten feed exhibits an excellent feedstuff that has a wide spectrum in the dairy cattle industries. It comprises significant amounts of crude protein, energy, minerals and digestible fibers. Wet corn gluten feed is more digestible over dry counterparts. A study suggests that dry corn gluten feed can replace a significant amount of dry rolled corn in beef diets. However, the feeding for both wet and dry corn gluten feed as compared to roughage level is highly arousing.

Though wet corn gluten feed is much nutritious over dry, the storage techniques highly favor the dry form since it involves a considerable land distance between milling and livestock. As compared to wet corn gluten feeds, the dry matter basis are usually less since they incur less transportation costs. Hence, to include corn gluten feed in diets must be assessed on an individual operational basis.

The gluten feed market in Kansas stands significant from the agricultural perspective since it produces large amount of crops for livestock. Kansas is more often referred as the wheat state and a very few manufacturers realize the significance of corn on the state’s economy. It also houses the world’s largest beef industry. Hence, it has a high proportion of feed costs that sum up for the total more than 50% of the entire costs.

With such a great statistics, Kansas possesses no corn milling facility, in fact, the corn milling facility is available at Nebraska and Iowa.


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