Lactoferrin Market undergoes innovative tests for supplements.


Lactoferrin will now be used to minimize chemotherapy-induced taste.

Lactoferrin supplementation may lessen taste and smell dysfunctionality for patients suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. This methodology proved viable for improving patient’s health condition and oral immunity.

Susan E. Duncan, Ph.D Research & Development at Virginia Tech and Associate shared that more than 60-70% patients suffering from cancer treatments have to undergo chemotherapy since they experience a peculiar type of taste and smell abnormalities. Adding further, it can bring much relief to them and has a potential to turn them optimistic about the treatment. Duncan and colleagues assessed the viability of lactoferrin supplements as a supplementation for taste abnormalities triggered due to chemotherapy. Until now, there is nothing available to deal with this kind of situation.

Analysis comprised of a survey with a bunch of individuals dealing taste and smell abnormalities (TSA) post chemotherapy administration, combined with a group of healthy individuals.

All the participants received a supplementation with lactoferrin for a period of 30 days. The sample was collected at intervals on 30th day and after 30th day when the lactoferrin supplementation was over. The tests showed a high TSA level and a significant concentration of salivary iron & loss of essential immune proteins.

Researchers observed that, there was significant increase of salivary amylase contributing to changes in immune proteins comprising immunoglobulin and proteinase inhibitor. Also, it was noticed that there was an increased level of amylase and SPLUNC2 at 30th day post lactoferrin supplementation for cancer patients.

Overall, the tests proved that the salivary composition varies from person to person and there is a wide difference between health conditions of healthier participants and cancer patients. Also, the researchers are trying to secure funding for the development of lactoferrin market and there would be more tests to conduct in future on a large scale, but before that the cancer types need to targeted specifically.


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