United Kingdom’s Scotch Whisky market Encounters Fake Editions in 2018.


The scotch whisky market in the U.K. witnessed fake editions in a test conducted by Rare Whisky 101. The tests confirmed presence of fake whisky estimated worth more than 40 euro million.

The tests were conducted at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre due to the rising concerns for presence of fake whiskies in the consumer market..

Andy Simpson, Co-founder, Rare Whisky 101, confirmed that there is an massive demand for rare whisky worth a fortune and attracts the attention of black economists. Adding further, he said, that the counterfeit market is growing with a trend of consumer being led by the rogue elements with a believe that the purchase is authentic.

Rare whisky has a vast history displaying varied versions, simultaneously, the dealers with the counterfeit versions claim the whisky to be much old as 100 years. David Robertson, cleared that consumers should look for genuine marks such as age of the whisky and whether if it’s manufactured with proper standards. According to Simpson, it was unclear about the accuracy of systematic checks for chemical or carbon testing.

Adding more to the story, Prof Gordon Cook, Head of SUERC Radiocarbon Lab, shared about a database that contains the whisky samples, supplied by distillers that will enable researchers to properly scrutinize the samples accurately. Not all samples were fake, he said. Instead, three samples were genuine, which is enough to conclude the existence of rare whiskies.

At present, the current market value of U.K’s scotch whisky market stands is approximately $50 million. Recently, a bottle of Scottish Macallan Whisky was auctioned for $1.50 million in London. It was a highest record for the single malt scotch whisky after the auction held in Edinburgh in 1926 that bagged $1.2 million for scotch whisky.


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