Glycinates Market to witness a major uproar in the years to come


Glycinates; also termed as “glycine chelates” come across as chemicals that are found to be fairly compatible with the skin. They do have foaming properties as well. The raw material with respect to glycinates is “amino acids”. The factors driving the glycinates market include demand in the healthcare and cosmetics industry; thanks to their cost-effectiveness, precise composition. The other vertical that hails glycinates is agriculture. Herein, glycinates form wholesome nutrition for cattle and chicken. They do act as vital nutrients as far their growth is concerned.

We get to see a plethora of glycinates post diverse chemical treatments; viz molybdenum glycinates, iodine glycinates, chromium glycinates, selenium glycinates, cobalt glycinates, boron glycinates, calcium glycinates, copper glycinates, magnesium glycinates, manganese glycinates, zinc glycinates, and protein digest-mineral glycinates.

Europe is at the forefront in the glycinates market. This feat could be attributed to the production of metal bis-glycinate; its quintessential and consistent product. North America follows suit. Usage in cosmetics is driving the market in North America. In the year 2014, a range of organically-bound manganese, zinc, iron, and copper trace elements was launched by BASF Animal Nutrition. BASF claimed of the new spectrum to have excellent miscibility, water solubility, and flowability. 4 years later, i.e. in 2018, Jessie Cho (Manager & Marketing, BASF animal Nutrition) narrates the success of the above-mentioned launch. The product range has been registered in every state of the U.S. and EU; and certain parts of APAC and LATAM. BASF is eyeing MEA now.

The other players such as Glenmark Generics, Guangzhou Quanto Chemical Co., Ltd. Are focusing on inorganic as well as organic growth to make further strides in the glycinates market. As such, new product launches within organic growth; and mergers & acquisitions are the talk of the glycinates market as of now. The year 2019 will definitely be a transition for these players.


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