Healthcare Analytical Testing Services Market to witness an upsurge in future


The healthcare analytical testing services market is driven by ever-increasing outsourcing by the pharmaceutical companies, increasing focus toward biosimilars’ and biologics’ analytical testing, adopting QbD approach in pharma manufacturing/research, and taking up FTE contracts with respect to R&D outsourcing. North America leads the healthcare analytical testing services market; as the government spends extensively on healthcare. Europe, especially Belgium, follows suit.

However, the market is subject to high costs of investments faced by the key players and short supply of various skilled professionals. We could avail healthcare analytical testing services in the form of physical characterization, raw material testing, method validation and development, batch release testing, stability testing, and microbial testing. Now, if we throw some light on verticals, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies drive the healthcare analytical testing services market.

The APAC is expected to grow at the most rapid pace in the upcoming period. This growth could be attributed to the increasing number of CROs, extensive R&D, and various favorable initiatives by the governments for promoting biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries. The market players are categorized as Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The sub-verticals of healthcare analytical testing services market include virology testing, cell-based assays, biomarker testing, species-specific viral PCR assays, pharmacokinetic testing, surface area analysis, image analysis, laser particle size analysis.

The raw materials used for healthcare analytical testing services market are also subject to testing. They include heavy metal testing, complete compendial testing, Karl Fischer analysis, wet chemistry analysis. When these testing services are released in batches, the categorization involves disintegration testing, elemental impurity testing, dissolution testing, friability testing. In case of environmental monitoring, the testing services are inclusive of ETP/wastewater testing, air testing. The companies are engaging in organic growth; to render vertical growth of the healthcare analytical testing services market. The trend is expected to continue in future as well.


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