Heat Recovery Steam generator Market to witness an upheaval in the years to come


A heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) comes across as a heat recovery heat exchanger which, as the name suggests, recovers heat from hot gas stream. The steam produced could be used for driving steam turbine or in any other process simultaneously (cogeneration). HRSG comprises water preheater, superheater, evaporator, and economizer.

The heat recovery steam generator market is driven by increasing demand for electricity, ever-increasing efforts for reducing emissions of greenhouse gas, rising investments with respect to power plants, and the acceptance of CHP and CCPP. North America leads the heat recovery steam generator market; thanks to the pollution control standards set up by the government. Europe follows suit. However, the APAC is expected to grow at the fastest pace in the years to come; as industrial units are installing HRSG in-house. One such unit has been installed by one of the topclass automobile companies in India, i.e. Bajaj at its home plant in Akurdi (Pune, Maharashtra, India).

Thermax Ltd., One of the key players in the heat recovery steam generator market, is all set for acquiring Babcock & Wilcox’s 100% stake in their joint venture. This will raise Thermax’s pedestal in the market in the near future. GE has 750+ HRSG’s installed all over the world; and stands first in supplying them behind all the major original engineering manufacturers’ (OEMs’) gas turbines. GE stands out amongst its counterparts such that its OCC (Optimized for Cycling and Constructability) approach absolves issues related to thermal expansion; especially with the start-stop regimes (daily load following and hot restarts).

The above-mentioned procedure; right from manifold to link to header and to finned tubes does reduce thermal stress, that too, by as much as 60% in comparison with standard approach. The added advantages are increase in life cycle and lower costs of maintenance; thus helping GE to retain the topmost position.


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