Heat Interface Unit Market to witness an exponential growth in the years to come


Heat Interface Units; better known as HIUs, facilitate exclusive heating systems that could make use of energy sources like heat or solar pumps, CHP. HIU could make provisions for domestic hot water on-demand, that too without cylinder storage and at a much greater flow rate as compared to a conventional domestic combi boiler. The standard capacities of HIU are 80 KW. Majority of combi boilers give 45 KW output at the most.

The basic advantage of a heat interface unit is that single hot water riser could be connected to every apartment along with central boiler plant. This would save efforts and costs on installation of several domestic boilers. North America leads the heat interface unit market; thanks to the space constraints in residential complexes. Europe follows suit. However, the APAC is expected to grow at the fastest space in the years to come; as population explosion in economies like India is prompting construction companies to think of space management.

Along with cost-cutting, the heat interface unit proves to be eco-friendly as ventilators are not required. Plus, we do have heat interface units in two categories; the ones that are thermostatically controlled and the others that make use of proportional hydraulic control. In the APAC, proportional hydraulic control is preferred; as hot water temperature remains constant. Investment charges are high; but building occupants experience better services as stabilization of water happens quickly.

The key players like Dutypoint (formerly known as Elmbridge Pump Company) batch produce heat interface units as per the project specifications. One could also place a request for in-built metering. The option of wireless usage monitoring could also executed. Units could be configured either for under-floor or radiator-based heating. Dutypoint. In the year 2014, Dutypoint had already sought permission from BPMA (British Manufacturers Association) for innovation and product compliance.


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