Roofing Systems Market To Scintillate In The Years To Come

Roofing Systems Market


Having delivered a roof project successfully comprises two discrete phases; viz designing, and construction. One should be identifying the criteria and performance characteristics required during designing. Roof system ought to be optimally responding to a plethora of the needs of project coupled with system selection criteria. The next in line come system specifications such as insulation type, desk type, thickness, warranty requirements, quicker patterns). As far as construction is concerned, roof designer needs to apprise building owner regarding importance of routine maintenance and six-monthly roof inspections.

In cold climate, design concern is probability of falling snow and ice; as per “Considerations for Building Design in Cold Climates”. Roof system encloses roof membrane, roof insulation, vapor retarder or air barrier, and accessories. The APAC has been leading the roof systems market since the last few years and is expected to continue making strides in the upcoming period; thanks to conventional rooftops getting replaced with need-based ones. North America and Europe have already attained saturation. As such, growth on their part would be flat.

Roofs systems will pertain to low-slope (slope <=3:12) and steep-slope. The former one could be categorized as built-up roofs, MREC (Mesh Reinforced Elastomeric Coatings), MB (Modified Bitumen), single ply, and thermoset single-plies, the ones with SPF (sprayed polyurethane foam), metal panels, and cold & hot fluid-applied roofing membranes. The latter one could constitute shingles and metal panels, wood, synthetic, and asphalt shingles, wood shakes, concrete and clay tile.

Steep-slope roofing systems could be further classified into roof deck, underlayment and roof covering. Roof deck comes across as structural substrate. It’s based on wood such as OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood. Underlayment acts as a weatherproofing barrier. At times; it’s referred to as “paper” or “felt”. Roof covering is nothing but external watershedding material. The major players like Atlas Roofing Corporation are looking toward inorganic mode of expansion to expand the horizon related to roofing systems market.


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