Cassette Tape Has Made A Comeback But Production Is Holding It Back


Cassette tape whose sales declined after the early 1990s due to the deteriorating music quality and of course technologically advanced audio storage devices have made a humble comeback. In 2018, 219K Cassette albums were sold out in the world, witnessing a 125% increase in sales.


The bad news is that the material used for manufacturing cassettes has slowed in production. Gamma Ferric Oxide, the material commonly used for the production of magnetic recorded is being threatened. National Audio Company[NAC] sent out a letter to its buyers and they don’t have adequate ferric oxide to fulfill all the orders.

NAC Letter

The letter says, “The only material refining this material is under renovation for most of 2019. As a result, National Audio only received two tons of recording oxide this year”

However, there is good news for the customers. ” We have been notified that NAC will receive eleven tons of oxide in October,” the letter mentioned.

Retro is helping cassettes to resurrect in the 21st Century

Most of the people are buying cassettes for its aesthetics and of course to add-in their collectibles. Most of the cassette albums sold are of the 1900’s rockstars and to preserve the sacred voices is now one of the rising obsession.

However, the old melodies are not the only one that is bringing back the tapes. Netflix thriller show Stranger Things original music track is being released on Cassette tape.




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